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>> he would have loveed the memorial knowing everyone cared so much. it is so sad, although his cousin did nothing wrong he will have to think about this and know what happened. no one deserves that. no one. >> the cause of the crash is under investigation. some family members say the steering wheel came off. >> parents who enrolled children at a livermore daycare center will have to scramble this morning to find another facility to send their kids after it was shut down last friday pending an investigation by the state department of social services. it was shut down for licensing violation and the department has not received any reports of criminal violation. a notice on the front door says health and safety code recommendations and protection children for physical or mental
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abuse. >> a man tried to abduct a 12-year-old girl who says a man matching this sketch grabbed her after offering her a ride while she was walking home from school along apian way. he is 19 to 20 and 6' tall with a thin build and has an eyebrow piercing and was seen driving a silver four--door car. >> bart is looking at the bicycle policy allowing bikes on the trains at all times with a few restrictions. the first car of each train is off limits to bicycles. during rush hour, no bicycles are allowed in the first three cars of the train. the test program runs this week only. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, will have more in the next half hour. >> the palo alto city council considers allocating extra $2.2 million to repair city streets and sidewalks. the repairs are growing priority according to a survey of
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residents. the extra money is available partly due to savings from recent layoffs and renegotiated contracts. the public meetings starts at 7:00 in the city council chambers on hamilton avenue. >> two bay area teens made it into the ncaa tournament or march madness. kristen sze is dancing. it begins this week and san jose is a host arena. st. mary's will play an extra game, the 11th seed in the midwest facing middle tennessee tomorrow in dayton, ohio. the winner goes against memphis on thursday in the opening round and auburn hills, michigan and kristen sze's cal bears face 5th seeded nlv on thursday at h.p. pavilion. my school, sadly, did not make it. >> you break my heart.
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>> always next year. we are wondering how mike's jayhawks did? >> number one seed in the south. >> the 12th season always beats the 5 seed, remember that, cal fans. live doppler 7 hd shows just how quiet it is outside. we have fast winds over the ocean waters again, small craft advisory for northwest win around 15 to 25 knots and that started. we will hang around through 3:00 this afternoon. upstairs you can see high pressure right now, keeping our next system at bay but you can see a mature system, with a lot of cloud cover coming our way later today with the rain on tuesday. today, we will start off cooler and clear with 30's and 40's and high clouds at noon and temperatures in the 50's to low 60's and the clouds are thicker in the afternoon but still mild.
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mid-to-upper 60's away from the coast and in the mid-50's by 7:00, all of us have clouds and the temperatures in the 50's to low 60's. tomorrow, late rain moves in, best chance of rain is tuesday night into wednesday morning with scattered showers wednesday afternoon and dry and returning to warmer conditions for thursday. now we will talk traffic. sue? >> we always want to talk traffic in the track center. at the san mateo bridge, the flat section is looking good and you look at 15 minute drive between hayward and the san mateo side things and a nice looking drive now, early solo spinout on highway 24 is gone so we will hook at the commute from the central valley, slowing and making your way toward tracy and 205 at 31 miles per hour and it picks up over the pass through the windmills and into livermore, and speeds are at the limit. we do still have road work, north 680 between south mission and north mission until 6:00 this morning. >> 5:07 now, more fall intermediate from the san francisco symphony strike, why
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striking musicians say they will not give in. >> he created one of the most popular social net words an, now twitter co-founder has sights on a major political office. >> but, first, america's money report. >> good morning, were toking america's money, a new european financial crisis with overseas markets down after european leaders decided to tax every bank account to pay for a bailout triggering a run on a.t.m.'s in cyprus and the largest bank in europe will cut 5,000 jobs, part of a strategy to make hsbc more efficient and profitable with more than 40,000 emily is in the united states. >> the great and powerful oz is part of disney and had good word part of disney and had good word of mouth taking in $42let's pla:
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning, the embarcardero in san francisco, the ferry building is gorgeous, clear, and cool morning. mike nicco says you will notice the clouds building this afternoon, though, with rain arriving when, exactly. ought conviction of two high
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school players in the rain of a 16 year old will not end the investigation. two are headed to jail for at least a year after a judge found them guilty yesterday of raping a girl after an alcohol-fueled party in the summer. the case divided the town ever since. the attorney general says a grand jury will look into weather other teens, coaches, or parents broke the law by not speaking up about the attack. >> president obama is set to name a new labor secretary. reports are that thomas perez from the justice department will be nominated to head the labor department. he has strong support from latino and labor groups but could run into problems at the confirmation hearing from republicans. some g.o.p. lawmakers believe his tenure at the justice department was greatly influenced by political ideology. >> new details this morning in the ongoing san francisco symphony strike. the east coast tour which included a date at new york's carnegie hall is now canceled.
5:10 am
according to the management, the musicians reject add federal mediator's proposal to resume laying during a cooling off period while negotiations continue. in a statement issued last night, musicians say the strike will continue until they get a contract that honors their contributions to the symphony. the musicians are unhappy with a ropal by management that would include a pay freeze in the first year. >> the meat and poultry tremendous is pushing back against the hard to watch videos of animal cruelty that new legislation wants do restrict. a bill would require anyone collecting evidence of abuse to turn it over to authorities in 48 hours, they say abuse should be stopped as soon as possible rather than waiting until someone make as video. critics contend the industry should want to stop the cruelty rather than the documenting of it. >> oakland is launching another effort to clean up graffiti in the city. a group of veal -- volunteers
5:11 am
painted over graffiti along the walls on kennedy street yesterday. he says he is determined to clean up the city no matter what it takes. >> i have done a document of sting operations and the individuals we have arrested do not live in oakland. they come to oakland and paint it up, and dump it. we fed up with that. we will take action. >> he picked up a lost needles where he was painting saying that indicates people are coming to the area and making bad choices. he says oakland needs to give those people a reason to change and clean up their lives. >> a silicon valley billionaire in the big apple. twitter and square co-founder says he wants to be the mayor of and says he loves the electricity he feels when he is there. in the latest ranking of the 400 wealthiest americans he was listed as 392, requiring $1.2 billion in net worth.
5:12 am
current mayor bloomberg is listed at number ten with an estimated net worth of $25 billion. a man not far behind in that list is our meteorologist, mike nicco. >> i would pay for his talents. >> doorcy needs to do the campaign slogans in 140 characters or less. >> you have to be a billionaire. they want to do something, they want to work... >> good for them. we will look outside starting with live doppler 7 hd, and showing you just, company, how dry it is this morning. we will start with temperatures. here is a look toward the ferry building and the bay bridge, you can see how clear it is in san francisco, 47 degrees and same thing in redwood city, and san bruno and half moon bay at 42.
5:13 am
in the east bay looking from the east bay hills to the bay, we have 48 in oakland and richmond, and 45 in walnut creek and union city at 44 and antioch is mild at 51 and in san jose, looking at 87 near h.p. pavilion, and gilroy at 40, and milpitas at 45 and san jose is 46 and mountain view is 47 and 39 in santa rosa and novato and 37 at petaluma. it is 42 in napa, and sausalito, dress for 46. we will start off clear and cool with clouds by the afternoon hours. we have wet weather for tuesday and wednesday and dry and warmer headed into another spring weekend. temperatures in the upper 60's to 70 in the santa clear valley and mid-to-upper 60's on the peninsula and upper 50's to near 60 along the coast and warmer in downtown, south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 60's and upper 60's to low 70's through the north bay valley and the beeps are at 58 to 60 and
5:14 am
mid-60's along the east bay shore and temperatures are close to average there. we will be in the upper 60's to near 70 in the east bay valley. everyone is cloudy by the afternoon. the clouds will keep our temperatures up with low to upper 40's inland valleys and upper 40's to near 50 into san francisco. here is what happens tomorrow morning, cloud cover and you can see why it is milder and the clouds are thicker through the day and they will drop light rain around 2:00 or 3:00 in the north bay. the rest of us get light rain in the evening rush hour and the light rain will continue as the flow is from west to east across our neighbors and that is why the mountains near the coast that run along with the flow will get the likely rain. on wednesday we will have the best chance of steady rain and you can see scattered showers headed into wednesday evening and during the overnight hours on wednesday, and breezes kick in and the clouds clear out and the temperatures rebound after barely making it out of 50's on
5:15 am
wrens, we will barely get out of the 70's for the weekend. hopefully we will get quarter inch of rain out of this. >> through walnut creek the tail lights are dim but you can see they are moving at the limit as you move toward highway 24. the first reports of an accident e-bay bridge at the sterling on-ramp, we have no further information on this and we will follow that, it is a reverse commute leaving san francisco and the commute from antioch, starting to slow and you can see from hillcrest at 39 miles per hour, headed toward the pittsburg and concord area. i want to show you the app and the reason i show you this, the drive from the central valley, someone posted a cool photograph and we will see to we can bring it up, a bunch of trucks, bumper to bumper toward 580 altamont pass area and into dublin/pleasanton but there you have it it is going to slow as is typical.
5:16 am
the app is free on apple app and google play. >> we are all excited about march madness, right? >> you are. >> okay. >> i am happy for you. >> the restaurants want jump in, too, to score off ncaa without getting on the court. bloomberg business report is coming up. >> new crackdown on using the cell phone behind the wheel. >> today i am thrilled to welcome two of the oscar nominated men of "silver linings nominated men of "silver linings playbook," two sexy stars coming [ elizabeth ] i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water... eat tomato sauce on my spaghetti. the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. i was quite surprised, as only few as four exposures a day what that can do to you.
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>> welcome back at 5:21. you are looking at san mateo bridge, traffic is picking up at normally hour. a little foggy this morning. san mateo is expecting temperatures at 55. clouds this afternoon and our meteorologist has the accweather forecast coming up. >> get ready for a big crack down on distracted driving. california law enforcement will begin a massive ticket-writing campaign aimed as those who text or talk on the cell phone while driving. a texting ticket costs $159. many people do not thing the ticket is costly enough to stop the practice. >> if you are not finding embarrassing messages of your kids on facebook do not be relieved. chances are they could be doing it elsewhere. sites have exploded on mobile devices enabling kids to chat
5:20 am
with friends they choose without being monitored by parents and coaches and without the ting limits. new apps do not require a cell phone or credit card and can be used on devices with internet access like the ipod touch and kindle fire which parents think, great, kindle is for reading. >> so much to worry about. >> in the future. >> something you will be excited about is march madness and companies home to make plenty of bucks off it. now the bloomburg business report. jane? >> bad news for college students, rates on federal student loans will go up for the rates if congress does not do something with 7.5 million students paying more. keeping rates low costs $6 billion each year. the amount of gas you feed to get somewhere could go down.
5:21 am
cars are getting more miles a gallon. a growing number of businesses are figuring a way to get a part of basketball without advertising, including pizza hut among the companies linking up with social media buzz surrounding college basketball and being careful not to mention the ncaa by name. pizza lawsuit is offering a chance to win a free pizza and hooters offering deals including one for free fried pickle and hooters called it the official sponsor for the passion watching college basketball tournaments. that is the bloomberg business report. >> 5:23. we will check in with our meteorologist, mike nicco, for the monday trust. it should be beautiful. >> a little cloudy but it will be later that we see more of it. >> that is why we are cooler. some areas are 12 degrees cooler than this time yesterday.
5:22 am
the south bay is looking at 87 at h.p. pavilion and san jose will be a degree warmer-than-average at 68. and redwood city is same at 67. oakland and napa and livermore, two, four, and five degrees warmer-than-average. around the state, if you are traveling it will be dry on all radars and we have a chance of cloud cover and getting thicker around eureka keeping you coolest at 53 and same in monterey at 59 and mid-70's through the central valley and 55 at tahoe today and los angeles is 68 and 89 in palm springs in the desert. >> happy monday morning and post st. patrick's day and back to work with folks streaming along on the east shore freeway, 80 westbound, beyond university overcrossing and to the macarthur maze, a solid stretch of headlights but it is moving at the limit with no delays. we do have an update on the situation on the bay bridge, lower deck eastbound, an accident on the sterling
5:23 am
off-ramp and the tow truck is on the scene no word on what lane is blocked but they are pushing it off to treasure island so it will not be an issue when you make your way eastbound toward oakland. >> barbara streisand is headed to israel performing in honor of the israel's president ninth birthday. she was scheduled to perform five years ago and did not show up she will perform two additional concerts this, as well. >> kate middleton is creating a buzz after revealing whether she would like to have a boy or a girl. the duchess who is five months pregnant is hoping for a baby boy but guess what her husband would like to have? >> i am guessing a girl. >> you would be right. >> she made the comment to a soldier during a st. patrick's day ceremony near london yesterday honoring the irish guard and the royal couple will
5:24 am
have to wait-and-see. she doesn't actually know the sex of the baby, a full report is. coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 and, boy or girl, it will be the first baby born under the rule that says the first child will ascend to the throne, boy or girl. >> we know they will have one or the other. >> there is an answer for you, the morning commute could be more crowded today if you take bart. ahead at 5:30 the cycling experiment kicking off today and what passengers should expect. >> a wildfire breaks out near contra costa county and the firefighters are not responding to put the flames out. we will explain. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on this on at 5:29. thanks for starting the week with us. >> i am kira klapper here for eric thomas and mike nicco, our meteorologist, is here with the beautiful forecast that could be changes. >> we have been looking to tomorrow and wednesday for the system that is ready to come in but until then enjoy the monday morning with no clouds. a few high clouds but no rain. temperatures are from 39 in novato to 40 in calistoga and san ramon at 44 and same for lafayette. increase in high clouds with temperatures if the low to upper 60's and near spent inland and 60 at the coast. >> leaving san francisco, by the bay bridge you could find slow traffic toward the treasure island area. we had an early accident eastbound at the sterling
5:28 am
off-ramp and the tow truck is pushing it off. it will be off to treasure island at there point and i don't see slowing eastbound. a little bit of slowing in the westbound direction moving up the incline according to the sensors. road work, still, in the fremont airport, northbound 680, south mission to north mission for another half an hour and we have slow traffic there with the yellow sensors on the road. kristen and kira klapper? >> more news from florida, authorities in orlando evacuated 500 students from a dorm on the university of central florida campus. police found explosives while investigating the death of a man from a self inflicted gunshot wound. this is new video just in to the abc7 news room. we know that classes have been canceled through 9:00 a.m. our time with counselors available to the student. the explosives were found while investigating a potential suicide. that was next to a body. they found an assault weapon in
5:29 am
that dorm. counselors are available to students today. unknown whether the dead man was a student. we will bring you more details on the breaking story as more are available. >> right now, this morning, bart riders will be able to bring bicycles on board at the height of rush how. our news reporter, amy hollyfield, is live with more on the test program. amy? >> move over, bart riders and make real for the bicycles. at least if this week. bart wants do try it out, the largest test so far to see if they can fit bicycle on board. they allowed them in august, on fridays. that is a light day. now bart is really going for it and allow them every day this week at all hours, even during the commute. some commuters we spoke with say it is not that they are antibiotics but all about the timing. >> i commute early hours so it is not a rush. but at 5:00, yes, at 5:00, that
5:30 am
is not a good idea. it is really crowded. >> the bicyclists are asked to use common courtesy this week if a train is full, you are asked to wait for the next train. bart will keep the first three cars bicycle-free. officials want to encourage biking for one reason, a lot of the parking lots are full. officials want to hear from you and will have a survey online. they will encourage you to fill that out and we would love to have your thoughts with question on the facebook page so go over there if you can and share your thoughts with us. we with love to hear what you think, reporting live in fremont for abc7 news. >> a north bay community is grieving over a 14-year-old boy killed in a freak raceway accident over the weekend. the students at the middle school in santa rosa gathered together last night to remember marcus johnson. on saturday, he was one of two people in the pit area of the
5:31 am
raceway park killed by an out of the control car. the car was actually drive were by marcus' own cousin, a 17-year-old chase johnson, a senior at petaluma high school. mourners noted the double tragedy. >> since first grade he would bring the race cars to school forever vents and it was fun to see. >> i cannot thing of a worse tragedy. he and his cousin were as close as you could be the they raced the same raceway. >> the cause of the tragic crash is under investigation. some family members say the steering wheel of the car came off. >> developing news in vallejo, police there are investigating their 6th murder. officers found a man shot to death last night, someone called police to report shots fired in a home. officers found the victim dead inside a garage. they say he was an older man. they have not released his name. no arrest or motive.
5:32 am
this is vallejo's second homicide since thursday. >> today the former santa clara supervisor who misused taxpayer money for personal purposes is set to plead guilty to charges. the prosecution says that he used public money and campaign funds for parties, golf outing, and gambling. he is charged with four felony counts of perjury. he faces a felony count of misappropriation of public funds. the district attorney says that he faces up to one year in county jail and $50,000 in fines. >> the man charged with stealing a luxury yacht and running it aground in pacifica will be in court this morning for the preliminary hearing. the 63-year-old pleaded not guilty to grand theft and other charges at the last court appear an two weeks ago. he is accused of stealing the $2 million yacht in sausalito and damaging it on the rocky shoreline of pacifica. charges were dropped against the two other people on the boat.
5:33 am
investigators say the two did not even know the yacht was stolen. >> this morning, oakland police are questioning several people in connection with the latest homicide. a man was shot to death and another seriously hurt yesterday morning. officers surrounded a home on 25th avenue and international boulevard where they believe the suspect was holed up. they arrested a man and detained at least six others after a ten-hour stand off. police say a person drove the two victims to the hospital where one of them died. this is oak's 18th homicide of the year. >> firefighters led a wildfire in the delta burn uncontrolled because they say it is not posing a threat. it is happening on lower sherman island where the sacramento and san joaquin rivers come together. it broke out yesterday sending a column of knick -- thick black smoke in the air. it was a difficult fire to reach and there are no people or buildings threatened so they let it bun the smoke drifted over
5:34 am
antioch for several hours. >> you could clearly see big ash fuming down, all the soot and ash in my hair and all over the dog and in the backyard. >> officials are monitoring the air quality and the local hospitals have not reported problems. >> the opening session of the national postal forum begins in san francisco at at the mascone center. there will be protests. the postmaster will speak with a gathering of executives of direct mail industry, whose depend on the postal service will be there. there will be protests to cut saturday delivery service. congress is considering a move to try to keep the mail delivery going on saturdays. it is not clear what it can do sin the postal service does not receive federal appropriations and gets all the revenue from
5:35 am
the sale of stamps and other services. congress cannot order it but they can try to influence the postal service. >> i hope something can be figured out. i love the mail. i don't want snail mail to become obsolete. i love the nice letters and cards. >> mike nicco, our meteorologist, has the forecast. something is about to disappear, is that right? >> the sun could disappear and the rain fall deficit if we get the much-needed rain tomorrow and wednesday. our deficit is 3.5" to.5" in santa rosa. rain would be nice and so would the sierra snow. we will get some out of the system. today we are off to a cooler start. temperatures are in the upper 30's to mid-40's so dress accordingly and it is cooler this morning. headed toward noon, up to 60 inland with high clouds rolling
5:36 am
law and by 4:00 we will call it partly sunny and 50's at the coast and mid-to-upper 50's for the rest of us and low 60's holding on, inland. tomorrow, the better part of the day it will be dry with light rain breaking out later in the afternoon in the early evening hours and overnight we have our best chance of rain through wednesday morning and lingering showers wednesday afternoon and breezy and brighter. you will notice the warming trend by thursday. sue? >> happy monday, everyone, we will go to the bay bridge with just a couple of stars -- cars stacked up and no metering lights and slowing on the upper deck moving into san francisco. in pleasanten we have an accident west 580 a soily spin out and c.h.p. is not clear if it is the right lane or left lane or the shoulder. we will get back to you when that is updated. you can see slow traffic up and over the altamont pass into
5:37 am
livermore. >> thank you, coming up, the parking sticker shock for thousands of people attending the world baseball classic and why san francisco leaders say get used to it. >> coming up, first, pope francis meets the faithful for his first sunday service, the message from the
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 5:42 the pope tran sis is preparing to officially take over the new job during inaugural ceremonies tomorrow at the vatican. officials say tomorrow's ceremony will begin at the tomb st. peter. the pope will ride in the popemobile for the first time. yesterday, he stunned onlookers by moving into the crowd and shaking hands and kissing babies. >> someone who is with the people. he is speaking to them. i think that message goes far. >> the pope is having lunch right now with the president of his native argentina. human rights activist claims he turned a blind eye to some atrocities during the argentina military dictatorship in the
5:41 am
1970's. >> three people are under arrest following a daring but brief prison escape. authorities say two men were hoisted out of the prison in canada on a rope dangling from a helicopter yesterday. they were dropped next to a waiting car and police caught one of the men hours from the escape and they arrested two suspected accomplices. the helicopter pilot was forced to take part. >> $4 million worth of marijuana washed ashore own a santa barbara county beach. officials found 2,000 pounds of marijuana at a royal beach yesterday, the sheriff deputies ahead the discovery. here is a picture showing 50 plastic wrapped bales and authorities are testing the drugs and this boat which investigators believe was used to smuggle the drugs.
5:42 am
this month $1 million worth of marijuana was found near the air force base. >> this morning crews are working to repair the damage from a water main break in sausalito which flooded streets in the down area yesterday. the southern marin fire district says that downtown is closed in the area of b street until the repairs are made. you can see part of the road has buckled with no homes or businesses flooded by the rushing water. the pipeline belongs to the marin municipal water district. no word open how long it could take for crews to repair that road. >> san francisco's at&t park is filled with fans although it is march, that is because the ballpark is hosting the semi finals and finals of the third ever world baseball classic. the team from the netherlands will face the dominican republic in the semi final and the winner will play puerto rico which beat defending champion japan last night in the semi final 3-1,
5:43 am
giants' outfielder who is playing for puerto rico grabbed the final out. >> speaking of world baseball classic, fans there parked near at&t park. they the first to pay the new meter premium near the park, the rate is $7 an hour rather than what it used to be $5, during the special events. part of the new program for special events including giants' home games bringing a higher hourly rate and some drivers will be surprised. >> i may think twice of coming up here or maybe i do mass transit. $7 an hour is absolutely ridiculous. >> the rates are in affect until 10:00 at night. the city is trying to kill two birds with one stone, manage limited parking space and boost the revenue. >> we will figure that out $7 an hour, it usually lasts 3 or 3
5:44 am
1/2 hours. >> when you seated and get there early and leave late. >> that is on par with the private parking garages. >> i don't know...what are you going to do? >> more baseball tonight. how is the weather? >> great. fantastic until tomorrow night. that is when the rain rolls in the forecast. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd you can grab an umbrella if you like and keep you from getting sunburned if you are outside for six hours during the heart of the day. >> like you. >> right. from the roof camera and the ferry building, it is 48 in san francisco, 47 in oak, san jose is 46 and we will keep going down, 45 in walnut creek and palo alto and mill valley and 41 and 40. from mount tamalpais back to san francisco you can see how clear it is with a breeze at 2,600' and santa rosa at 39 is the cool spot and napa is 42 and 43 in livermore, and hayward and
5:45 am
fairfield, good morning, before you step out be ready for 45. we are off to a clear spot but cloudy by the end of the day with the clouds rolling in as the next system draws nor and not so cool tonight, and the first rain rolls in tomorrow with another chance of rain on wednesday. we have a good chance of rain but not a lot, unfortunately. upper 60's to near 70 in the santa clara valley and 68 in san jose, and santa clara and sunnyvale and up the peninsula we have 68 in mountain view and 65 in san mateo and 59 today at half moon bay and 58 in daily city and 62 to 63 around downtown and south san francisco, and sausalito is the cool spot in the ought by at 65 and 70 in santa rosa and napa and 60 for bodega bay and a small spread on the east bay shore from 64 to 66 degrees. newark and castro valley are on the low end at 64 and in the upper 60's at walnut creek and
5:46 am
san ramon through the better part of the san ramon valley. tonight, low-to-upper 70's inland and low-to-upper 40's, excuse me, inland and mid-40's at the coast and upper 40's and near 50 at bay shore. at 7:00 tomorrow morning, you can see the cloud cover with a beautiful sunrise and light rain at 2:00 or 3:00, in the north bay and the rest of us get rain at the evening commute that will continue during the overfor it hours headed through wendesday's morning commute here is the cold front and best chance for steady rain. we have scattered showers in the forecast and hoping for up to quarter inch of rain out of this maybe double at the coast. back to the 70's by the weekend. hello, sue.
5:47 am
>> we have a hot spot, now, in the dublin/pleasanton area, west 580, we have an accident blocking the left lane. you can see by the road sensors traffic is slowing from dublin to the westbound area and the 685 junction and slow from the central valley. 30 minutes from 205 to 680/580. and the east shore commute is not bad into the macarthur maze. >> this could affect wall street, the garagest bank is cutting thousands of jobs. hsbc intends do slash 5,000 jobs this year, with some cuts happening in the united states, where the bang has -- bank has 40,000 workers and are expected to save the bank $1 billion. >> president obama is preparing to leave for a three day visit to the middle east this week with lowered expectations.
5:48 am
the president will depart on wednesday for israel where he hopes to smooth over relations with prime minister binyamin netanyahu. president obama will visit the west bank and will spend just a few hours meeting with palestinians. the latest poll published by an israeli newspaper finds 38 percent of israelis believe president obama's attitude toward their country is hostile. only 10 percent view him as favorable. >> parking is a big issue in san francisco, right in we have so many stories this morning ahead, the parking fight dividing a san francisco neighborhood. >> a plane plunges to the ground and crabs -- crashes into the neighborhood. the passengers and the victims on the grounds and the investigation underway. >> he has not been mayor of san francisco for more than 20 years but this morning, you remember this face, someone is jumping
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
a officials in indiana this morning are vetting the deadly crash of a private plane that slammed into a neighborhood. two of the four people in the plane were killed in year's crash. three more people on the ground are in the hospital. the pilot radioed he was having electrical problems before the crash. at least 200 people were evacuated for several hours from the neighborhood because of a gas leak caused bit crash. >> competing meetings are held
5:52 am
today about changes in street parking along polk street. the transportation agency wants to eliminate some parking spots along the corridor. they say it is safer, to make polk more inviting. many oppose the redesign. those again it gather at 6:30 at "it's a grind" on polk and the other meetings for supporters will also be at 6:30 at united presbyterian church at 1751 sacramento street. >> if you are trying to figure out what the kids should wear today, we will check with meteorologist, mike nicco, shall we? >> above-average temperatures. >> we will see. mike? >> during the afternoon we will be close to average if not warmer. even with the clouds you can see they are poised offshore ready to rollover our neighborhoods and make for a beautiful sunrise with the sun set.
5:53 am
probably too thick for a beautiful color sunset. >> thicker clouds in eureka and monterey. the same in tahoe, and near 70 in los angeles, and near 90 today in palm springs. >> good morning, everyone, our trouble spot right now continues to be in pleasanten area, westbound 580 the accident is showing a line of slow traffic from the livermore area. it is also slow up and over the altamont pass, but it will be a tough one moving westbound toward livermore and dublin with slow traffic frommant rock and you can see the red line from hillcrest to railroad avenue and it picks up on the way into concord and it is not too bad westbound highway four the kristen and kira? >> thank you, four people are recovering from injuries they suffered after a small pickup truck slammed through the front windows of a thrift store if
5:54 am
vallejo yesterday afternoon. the driver was treated and released but police are still trying to figure out what caused the driver to plow into the store. the city building inspector declares the store off limits until the crews can repair the damage. >> areas rattled by earthquakes could be a great place to hunt for gold. the energy released by the earthquake can vaporize the water that collects inside fault lines and the vapor leaves behind small amounts of gold and over thousands of years, the gold can accumulate into large deposits and everyone in the bay area, start digging. >> start digging. >> crews in texas clear away the rubble of a bridge that was demolished. workers set off the explosions and in seconds the old highway bridge in the town of marble falls was demolished. this is yesterday, the spectators gathered from a safe distance to watch the implosion. the explosives were so powerful they knocked out 9-1-1 and all
5:55 am
telephones is. a person who lives 26 miles away could feel her house shake. the implosion cleared the way for a bigger bridge. >> that always scares me. >> you have a history with implosions. >> the one i covered did not go and 15 minutes later it started to go and we are devoured by the black clouds. it was terrifying. >> breaking news from florida, explosives found on a university campus and how this is tied to a death there. >> also ahead, a community is coming together after the sudden death of a dean at a northern california racetrack and the emotional vigil bringing out his friends
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 6:00, a north bay community comes together for an emotional vigil to remember a teen killed in a california racetrack over the weekend.
5:58 am
now investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong? that is our top story this monday morning. >> more on that coming up but right now at 6:00, thanks for joining us. >> i am filling in for eric thomas. our meteorologist, mike nicco, has the first look of the forecast on this monday morning. hike? >> good morning. here is live doppler 7 hd show nothing need for umbrella today but you may need one tomorrow with rain in the forecast. today we have fewer clouds and cooler conditions and mid-to-upper 40's through 7:00, and near 60 at noon with high clouds thicker and cloudy this afternoon and temperatures are hanging around the mid-60's and mild in the evening, with clouds and right around 60 degrees at 7:00. as you head out at 7:00 inland valleys, cooler and the upper 40's to mid-40's and well hang out in the low 60's at noon and with the extra cloud cover it will be warmer-than-average with mid-to-upper 60's at 4:00 and pleasant but clouds at 7:00 and 62 degrees.
5:59 am
at the coast we have fog but it is not causing much of a visibility problem and five miles per hour at half moon bay so we will call it cloudy and 77 with limited sunshine and mid-to-upper 50's at 4:00. clouds this evening at 55. >> if the commute takes you to the bay bridge we have no metering lights but remark is stacking on the cash-paying lanes at the first overcrossing. the car pool lane is the way to go and fast track is moving nicely. no delay on the upper deck. an accident is blocking the left lane and that has been cleared now. that is good news from the dublin/pleasanton area, westbound a 80. the damage, unfortunately, is done. it is a slow go from the central valley. from tracy to dublin/pleasanton, it is slow at over 25 minutes. westbound 80 is slow to the macarthur maze from the hercules

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